Brandon and I got our first house in October 2018. If you know me and as you’ll quickly learn I am obsessed with my family. It was only fate that we purchased a house 4.1 miles from my parents! It’s a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, finished basement split level home. Oh yea and its basically a smaller version of the house I grew up in. We weren’t trying to do it, we just couldn’t hang with the competition and we kept getting outbid in the original area.

Our house was built in 1989 and the same owners lived in it for the last 27 years! All the appliances were new, the AC and heater were new, the roof was new……just the décor and the wallpaper were gross! Check out some before pictures of our entryway room!

Check out that wallpaper………
Yes it was wallpaper in all four corners

My dad has been a HUGE help with teaching us the ropes of painting and he has spent every weekend since we moved in helping Brandon paint. (Yes primarily the credit goes to Mr. White and my dad, I was usually down the street at my moms and was mostly critiquing where people missed spots! The best part is that my older brother used to work for Sherwin Williams paint so we got all sorts of discounts on the paint. Free labor and discounted paint meant more money for décor! Check out the front room after we took down that wallpaper!

Yes that will get hung on the wall eventually once we get chairs and the cabinet will be more in the middle of the wall .

My mom and I are super close so while the guys painted, we were out shopping! Details on room is below

Curtains: Kohl’s (Black Friday Sale!)

Ottoman: Nebraska Furniture Mart

Mirror: Kirkland’s (black Friday sale!)

Tray: Kirkland’s (Clearance!)

Barn door console: Kirkland’s (Black Friday sale! was 50% off!)

Random W’s: Marshall’s and Hobby Lobby

We are going to hopefully do hardwood floors throughout the first level in the next 8-12 months, that carpet has to go! Ultimately I want to find two chairs and update the ceiling fan, but until I find a deal we’ll wait! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is home décor!

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