I’ve been meal planning for Brandon and I since I graduated nursing school 5.5 years ago. I am a big advocate of shopping at Aldi and Sam’s club because I think it allows us to eat healthy without spending a ton of money on food.

I usually start out surfing on Pintrest to find recipes. I sometimes ask Brandon if he has a specific request for anything, but usually he says not really! I am a total dork and even look at the weeky ads that Aldi sends out to see if anything specific is on sale, I sometimes even base our meal plan based off of what the ad says is on sale.

I grocery shop in two week increments, so usually I am planning on consuming 7-8 meals in a two week period. I include breakfast and snacks in our meal plan too.

Here’s an example of our meal plan for a two week period.

If you haven’t been in Aldi its super easy to navigate in. The whole store is only 4-5 aisles so grocery shopping usually takes me about 30-35 minutes with me doing additional browsing.

This entire cart was 71 bucks!!!!!

I usually end up picking up a few random items that weren’t on my meal plan, because the beautiful thing about Aldi is that everything is SO AFFORDABLE. I mean it allows us to try things at a decent price.

Things that I randomly picked up that weren’t on my meal plan are:

• Turkey Bacon

• Almond Butter

• Farro (a type of grain)

• Red Lentil rotini (18g of protein per serving??? Sign me up)

• Black Bean Penne (21g of protein per serving?? Heck yea)

• House Dressing (A friend recommended this!)

• Juice (Brandon did request it through a text!)

Sam’s Club is my other place for shopping. The bulk prices are worth it to me on the majority of items. This is what I picked up at Sam’s

All of this was 59

The only thing that wasn’t on my list that I ended up picking up was the turkey sausage, I love a good waffle and I always need more protein!

I’ll be posting some of our meal plan recipes throughout the blog as it grows, so stay tuned adn hit up Aldi if you want to try some affordable new items!

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