2018 flew by…….We experienced a job loss, a job gain, the roller coaster of house hunting and purchasing a house, I ran two half marathons, a trip to Mexico,  and lots of TV watching to sum it all up in a nutshell. I would say overall 2018 was a good year! 

I just started using a paper planner in 2018. Brandon talked about me, but something about the paper and pen and crossing things off a list excites me. I like the Emily Ley Simplified planners and at the beginning of the planner is a goals list. It took me six days of self-reflection to come up with my goals for 2019. Here they are! 

•Pay off my Car by Mid February  (fun fact, I’ve had my car since 2013. It’s a Honda Civic. It has to be paid off by June but I want to pay it off a little early. The whole month of December I literally gave every spare cent I had to Honda and I am tired of it! I want to pay it off four months early!) 

•Pay off my Credit Card! (credit card debt blows, I’m over it, soon as the Honda is paid off all spare money is going to the credit card!)

•Have 10% of my yearly salary in personal savings by December 2019 

•Run three half marathons (I ran two in 2018, so what’s another one? So far I am only signed up for one in August, but will be looking into signing up for more here shortly) 

•Get my HF certification, totally a personal goal. I want more initials behind my name! 

•Take a trip with Brandon to a new city neither of us have been before (we LOVE the beach and 90% of the time its to a beach in the Caribbean! Time to change it up) 

•Start my blog and post at least once a month 

•Try a new recipe or restaurant once a month 

•Having date nights with Brandon be a priority (it’s so easy to just sit around, especially after working all week!)

•Take a cash funded trip with a girlfriend (me and one of my co-workers have been talking for months about taking a trip, but making it a priority this year, taking $50 out each check! Trying this with a friend to hold each other accountable!) 

•Read two books with Brandon 

I’m so ready for 2019. I’m ready to save money like crazy, settle into my home, get closer to my husband, hit my fitness goals, and watch one of my best friends get married. Here’s to a successful 2019!

2 thoughts on “It can only go up from here!

  1. Alyssa, I am proud of you. Being a young person settling goals is important. You are allowing yourself so many opportunities in life by doing this and sticking with them as I know you will. Sometimes it may be hard but know your outcome will be greater!
    I love Emily Ley. She has an awesome story on her business and the ups and downs of how she started and how it could have been easy to quit. If you can, find her story, it will be an inspiration to you.
    I have enjoyed your blog! I’ll also try the shrimp recipe.

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