Brandon and I don’t proclaim to be: vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, gluten free, keto, or any of the other terms used to describe healthy eaters today. I don’t eat red meat, and I refuse to buy it. I don’t have a specific reason, I really just woke up one day in third grade and decided I didn’t like cheeseburgers anymore. (true story, ask my mom) Brandon will eat red meat at my families house (my daddy makes really good ribs and brisket apparently) but I don’t buy it nor cook it. We eat a lot of chicken and fish and sometimes no meat at all.

I don’t buy canned vegetables because first of all once you eat fresh veggies you will NEVER want canned vegetables again, and they’re also full of sodium and preservatives. I’m a heart failure nurse! I will however eat canned beans, but that is something we eat maybe once a week and I always rinse them off with water.

Fruit is something I have a love/hate relationship with. Brandon LOVES apples, me on the other hand not so much. I do like pears a lot. I’ll use bananas in muffins or recipes, but a raw banana? No thanks! I’ve managed to incorporate blueberries into my diet in the last year, but it’s nothing I crave that’s for sure.

We cut back on dairy products about 3 months ago, simply because I felt like it was making my face break out. You’ll see the cheese I use is vegan and that’s why! We use almond milk. Butter, we don’t eat nor buy because duh I’m a Heart Failure Nurse. I don’t proclaim to be dairy free either, I just say that we cut back!

I use avocado oil, not for any specific reason either. When olive oil was big I used it, when coconut oil was big I used it, and now that the oil is focusing on avocado that is what I use too.

I like to think that Brandon and I eat everything in moderation. If we want Chick Fil A for dinner one night, we eat it. If I want to meet a girlfriend for dinner and get Chinese at my local grocery store and drink a beer then I go for it. I listen to my body. I’ve found that if I deprive myself of simple pleasures then it usually results in me purging like two weeks later. I think the proper term for this actually called “intuitive eating”.

I drink lots of water and when I’m at work I drink lemon water. We don’t drink pop or gatorade. Brandon likes juice but again we don’t drink it every day. Neither of us are coffee drinkers, we do however love tea. I think we are tea brats because we only like one brand……..The Republic of Tea!

We both take a Multi Vitamin every day. I have a sensitive stomach so we discovered that actually food based vitamins is what works best for us! We use the ALIVE brand which is available at Target and of course Whole Foods and Natural Grocers.

I honestly don’t keep a lot of snacks or candy in the house. I like to bake, so we make our own snacks! I’m an adult who has to pay my own dental bills so really that’s why I don’t keep packages of candy here!

I believe in packing my own lunch and snacks for work, because seriously eating out is robbery. Why spend 8 bucks on lunch at the cafeteria when I can make it at home and save money?

I hope that the majority of my recipes you can adapt to your liking! Just remember listen to your body! If you want the fries do it! Just don’t eat it everyday please!

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