I recently traveled to Baltimore Maryland/DC for my younger brother’s secret service graduation.

Plane Tickets: We got our tickets via Southwest in January. We booked our flights almost 3 months in advance during the time in which Southwest had their random sales going. I bought round trip straight connection flights for 303 total. Not terrible

Rental Car and hotel: The joys of traveling with your parents is that you can split everything! My dad booked us a suite at The Embassy Suites and he got a rental car through National. My dad just told me to give him 200 for both, so that is what I did!

My brother was housed in a suburb of DC, he was supposed to be 31 miles from DC but traffic is TERRIBLE up there, so our travel time to DC was actually 1 hour and 40 minutes. TERRIBLE. It was a long drive but it was nice being able to visit with him!

Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a history buff. In fact history is one of my least favorite subjects. When my brother told me set up a White House Tour for us I was NOT excited. Here’s the lowdown, you have to actually be “pre approved” to go the White House. You can’t just walk up and request a tour. My brother asked for our IDs 4 weeks before the trip, then again two weeks prior. When you get to the white house you once again just don’t walk up to the door. You flash your “white house passes” then you are told to get in a line. You stand in a line for 45 minutes. Then secret service agents check your ID and it has to match EXACTLY what is on your ID. I saw another line of 15 people whose IDs didn’t match and they had to wait to get re approved. If your ID matches you are then told to go stand in another line. This time for another 30 minutes. A secret service agent checks your ID AGAIN. Then it’s not over yet, you wait another 20 minutes to go through metal detectors then FINALLY you are given the go ahead to go on the actual tour!!!!!!

The tour in my opinion was super underwhelming…….it was a lot of reading staring at China and what the rooms looked like in past presidents. It was self guided and my parents and I got through the whole museum in 45 minutes. So 1.25 hours of waiting for 45 minutes. No thanks…….Needless to say just wasn’t my cup of tea! You can see how thrilled I look in the below picture

My mom did however enjoy the tour, and anyone who knows me knows that if my mom is having fun then I will tolerate it. Check out my mom being a true history buff.

Would I recommend the White house tour? Honestly no, if you like lines and reading and looking at old American history sure. Wasn’t this girl’s cup of tea at all! At least I can say I’ve been! Stay tuned for part two of my review of DC in which I talk about the African American History Museum!

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